A Guide to the Safe Operation and Opening of The Ivy during COVID-19

We believe that kids need camp more than ever. In preparation for our 2022 season, we have designed thoughtful, comprehensive and preventive policies and procedures to ensure the health and safety of all camp community members. Our plan ensures that we are fully prepared to offer the same safe, fun and diverse camp program. 

The safety of our campers, staff and families are our top priority. Our policies and procedures are based on the guidance of Toronto Public Health, The Ontario Camps Association, Havergal College, as well as our successful operation in summer 2021. 

Our 2022 Summer Safety Guide will be available in the Spring.

Health and Safety:

We will ensure the health and safety of all community members by: 

  • Implementing measures to ensure robust and frequent cleaning and sanitization of our camp site, including all high touch surfaces at each activity. 
  • Reinforcing high hand hygiene, sanitization standards and respiratory etiquette for all campers and staff. 
  • Implementing practices to ensure all cabin cohorts are a safe distance from one another to respect physical distancing.
  • Introducing temperature checks for all staff prior to entering the camp site, and incorporating a daily COVID-19 screening checklist for all campers prior to entering our camp site.
  • Ensuring campers stay with their cabin cohort for the duration of the camp day. Large gatherings will be avoided.
  • Requiring appropriate PPE to be worn by all campers and staff when indoors, or where physical distancing is not possible to ensure campers and staff can continue to interact safely. 
  • Providing floor markings for all Indoor spaces for designated traffic flow and distancing with prominent signage around the campsite. 
  • Insisting that staff and campers  not come to camp if they are sick.
    • If a camper or staff begins to experience symptoms of COVID-19, they will be brought to our isolation room, which is supervised by a Registered Nurse. 
    • If one of our campers or staff tests positive for COVID-19, we will follow the direction of Toronto Public Health, and begin a deep-clean as directed, and investigate known points of contact. Toronto Public health is responsible for determining if an outbreak exists, declaring an outbreak and providing direction for next steps. 
    • In accordance with our privacy policy, we will not identify any information related to the camper, staff or community member. 
    • We will also support our campers and staff throughout their recovery.

Programs and Activities

We will ensure that at all campers continue to experience diverse age appropriate programming, while interacting safely with cabin-mates and staff members to build meaningful relationships by: 

  • Minimizing the sharing of materials.
  •  Designating ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ bins, which will be used to ensure materials are cleaned between users.
  • Training all staff in covid-19 awareness and prevention.
  • Evaluating all programs and Health and Safety risks associated to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. 

Additional Considerations: 

  • Contact tracing: We have extensive systems schedules and procedures that will allow appropriate contract tracing for our campers and staff and community members. 
  • Open door-policy: While we strongly believe in an open door policy, and encourage you to see ‘camp in action’, we will not allow visitors to enter our camp-site. 
  • Pick Up/Drop Off: Our drop-off and pick up will be staggered. A detailed plan surrounding safe arrival will be communicated to you in the spring.  
  • Cabin Groupings: Cabin cohorts will not exceed 15 campers, or as indicated by public health best practices.