The Value
of Camp

Our Core Beliefs



  • Campers and staff should treat each other like family and create meaningful relationships with others in the camp community

  • Campers of all abilities and exceptionalities need to feel a sense of belonging at camp  

  • Campers need love, support, and acceptance to explore and become the best versions of themselves 

  • Bullying or teasing of any kind have NO place at camp (or anywhere else)


  • Program and staff development must reflect a diverse camper and staff population 

  • Staff training must be comprehensive and without bias, to ensure a successful camp experience for the entire community 

  • Campers can only learn from appropriate modelling by teachers, counsellors, and coaches 

  • All staff must undergo a comprehensive, hands on training experience that include Health and Safety, Risk Management, Mental Health, Program Development, and Camper Needs



  • A camp leadership team must be comprised of individuals with a successful background in camping, staff development, teaching experience, and a passion for working with children 
  • A staff team must have a pulse on 21st century camping trends 
  • A leadership team must invest in professional development and commit to ongoing learning about the camping industry and trends in education 
  • The best counsellors and leaders have been past campers and have experienced the ‘magic’ of camp


  • As campers grow older and their interests narrow, they need an opportunity to take ownership of their schedules by having a choice of which activities they participate in 

  • Every child should learn to swim and understand appropriate water safety 

  • Our campers should have to time to ‘unplug’, play outdoors, and connect with nature 

  • Every program must have a purpose to develop skills and meet the developmental needs of campers while not forgetting to have fun!